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In today’s world, we see nations subscribing to the use and exchange of cryptocurrency. Crypto comes in different categories, and this article will briefly touch on some and what differentiates them.

Features of Cryptocurrencies

  • Cryptocurrencies are the digital variance of solid money that is stored digitally
  • They are means of exchange and virtual trading
  • Cryptography is a means of preventing money from being spent more than once or being counterfeited
  • Bitcoin is the most prominent despite having thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation

Automated Market Maker:

This makes sure that buyers and sellers are encouraged in a decentralized market. These people have the opportunity of making money from pricing on varieties of markets until there is an alignment in all markets. In an automated market, marketers make deposits of their cryptocurrency into a smart contract and leave the computer code to complete the transactions with interested parties in the same smart contracts. The owners of the assets get incentives by sharing in the pool of fees from the trade.

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is one of the most prominent and influential standards that banks use. The reason is that it determines how banks take charge of any risk and how much equity they should control to get themselves secured if market customers come with complaints. This has been used to propose different digital assets for banks interested in buying and selling crypto for their customers or themselves. With that, banks can treat tokens and stablecoins like the typical assets on their balance sheets. Both Bitcoins and their counterparts would be found under new conservative authority that would make room for holding at least enough equity other than covering all potential losses.


It has been around less than a decade, and it has risen to the position of the world’s largest unregulated cryptocurrency exchange. It can only be assessed through its website because of the current scrutiny, which led to some of its companies being barred in some places.


It is the hottest and the biggest known to have launched a whole industry. All its marketers have a good share of all transactions.

BNB coin

Though it came not long, it is like Bitcoin because its coins can pay for Binance services. Also, it can be used for trading and paying trading fees.


It is one of the best because it is a distributed ledger written on open software. After a new transaction is done, it goes through a verification process by a computer network, and after that, it is added as a block to the chain.


This cryptocurrency blockchain network is flexible because it facilitates peer-to-peer transactions using its digital currency, making it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. In recent times, most people hold it on trading platforms and use it more than Bitcoin.


It is a cryptocurrency that has its independent blockchain. These include Ether and Bitcoin. It is different from a token.


It is considered Americas largest means of exchange of cryptocurrency trade. With it, customers can trade their crypto assets and lend them out while getting interested in multiple prevailing bank rates.

Other Cryptocurrencies Include

The list is inexhaustible, and the benefits of using them are numerous. There is DApp, DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), Decentralised finance (DeFi), Diem, Digital Currency Group, Distributed ledger, dogecoin, Ether, Ethereum, Fiat currency, Flippening, and lots more

What To Do Before Trading In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a complex means of virtual trading, and it is easy to lose if individuals do not make enquiries about it and be sure before venturing into it. As an aspiring cryptocurrency trader, find out by clicking here how to go about it and calculate your decision if you can bear the risks associated with it.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies

  • Plan how you want to start your cryptocurrency business
  • Make enquiries on the rudiments of cryptocurrency
  • Open a cryptocurrency account online
  • Start building your marketing plan
  • Sign up for the cryptocurrency platform you prefer to use.
  • Start your trade immediately with the little cryptocurrency you deposit.






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