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 What we do

Wealth management,
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We always work with the client in mind, by delivering bespoke financial solutions.


Bespoke Financial Solutions and Asset Management

Building up a healthy reserve of financial capital requires perseverance, patience, and good judgement. Investing your money once you have it is no different.

We do the hard work

At Capital Associates, we focus on enabling our clients to successfully maximise their resources, no matter what challenges present themselves along the way.

From providing advice regarding how to respond to changes in financial regulations or fluctuating economic conditions to identifying the most promising funds in which to invest, we can provide the ideal service to suit the challenge at hand.

What we do

  • Investments
  • Pensions Planning
  • International Estate Planning
  • International Tax Advice
  • Existing Fee Analysis
  • Mutual funds Investments
  • Notes & Bonds
  • Personal 1 to 1 Planning
  • ETFs
  • QROPs
  • SIPPs
uae international investments

Detailed Evaluation

Any investment fund or strategy we recommend will be subject to our stringent criteria and thorough vetting process. This includes a detailed market assessment, feasibility evaluation, and background checks which look closely at the people behind the investments we offer and the credibility of their investment strategies.

Secure Investments

With a network of elite finance professionals and investment fund managers available for consultation at every stage of the process, we’re uniquely well-placed to help you stay on top of the changing financial climate. This ensures that your financial assets are kept safe, while delivering healthy returns on the investments you make using the money you’ve worked so tirelessly to obtain.

I couldn’t recommend Capital Associates enough. The team helped me restructure my savings and pension. Their friendly, down to earth and professional approach was much appreciated.

Client - UAE 
Client - UAE

About us

We’re serious about delivering financial excellence at every stage of the process, and are renowned for meticulously devising bespoke service packages tailored precisely to the specific requirements of each individual client.

Our clients come to us for many reasons. They might be seeking to explore new and exciting investment opportunities, consolidate an existing portfolio, or simply take steps to safeguard a secure financial future for their family. Whatever the objective, we have the expertise, insight, and expertise necessary to make that vision a reality.

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