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Investing as a Woman

Where Do You Start?

The journey of investment is one that we should all dive into. Many women are looking forward to making their first investment but keep putting it off because it never “seems like the right time.” However, what they don’t know is that the right time is actually today.

The Importance of Investing

Nowadays, it is important to make the most out of your money. However, one cannot deny that there is still a gender gap where investments and advice-seeking are concerned – meaning that matters are a bit more difficult for women. Despite this fact, women are slowly yet more surely becoming more financially-independent – which means that investment trends are also beginning to change.

When women make investment decisions, they have to tailor those decisions to what exactly it is they need. Considering that women also have a longer life expectancy than men, they also need to customise those investments for their retirement plans.

If there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic taught us about the stock market, it’s that having a financial strategy is extremely important. You need to find a strategy that invests gradually in the stock market, building wealth in the long term.

Women have different needs, and this calls for a change in a typically male-dominated area.

If you are investing, you are obviously tending to your long-term financial needs. You are considering your retirement plans, insurance for yourself and your loved ones, planning for the school of your children, and so on. What research tells us is that women also tend to be better investors (as well as savers) in comparison to men. This was proven by an analysis done by the Warwick Business School, where a total of 2,800 investors had their returns calculated. The result was that women performed 18% better than men, their long-term focus being way stronger – therefore, easily maintaining themselves on track.

The Golden Rules of Success

Each investment journey is unique, which is why you carefully need to determine your goals. These are some golden rules that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Holistically think about your long-term needs: Think about where you plan to start and map out to where you want to get to – along with how fast you wish to achieve those goals. This will keep your eye on the objective.
  • Choose risks carefully: A higher risk does not also mean a higher result. Focus on the steady ones and a well-diversified portfolio.
  • Get help: It would not hurt here to discuss matters with a financial advisor. They should be able to help kick-start your investment spree, as they have access to multiple resources.

Speak to Capital Associates experts, as we can help make sure your investments are fruitful.

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