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Seeking professional help is a way to make sure that you get your financial goals in place effectively. Financial experts provide promising recommendations and advice for managing finances. However, you should understand that all financial experts do not always specialise in every aspect of financial management. Therefore, you need to identify the difference between various types of financial assistance.

Professional financial planners

The foremost and general range of financial experts involves financial planning. Financial planners specialise in specific domains such as estate or investment planning. They also provide general advice about each aspect of your finances. Financial planners are ideal if you have long-term financial plans in mind. They can help you distribute your investments across retirement plans, buying a home, insurance needs, and fixed savings.

Registered representatives

The next type of financial experts is registered representatives. These registered professionals have the license to purchase and sell investment products.

Registered Investment advisors

Investment advisors help by providing personalised investment advice as well as support for portfolio management. You can be assured of credibility with registered investment advisors because they have to follow various ethical principles and standards.

Money managers

Another type of financial experts is money managers. Money managers help by guiding investment decisions. Also, they can make investment decisions on behalf of clients without their approval. This way, you don’t have to worry about how to invest because money managers follow the standard guidelines and your preferences for making investment decisions.

Having a general understanding of the different types of financial experts and their services you can better plan who to seek advice from.

Our financial planning specialists provide bespoke financial solutions and asset management.

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